If you’re a candidate for my project, I may send you to this page so you get a feel for what I’d like to discuss with you. This will be very personal to your particular work, craft or project, but it gives a general idea of what our chat will be about.

The Broad Strokes

  • What’s your Creative Process? In other words, how do you do what you do.
  • What tools do you use for what you do?
  • How did you learn the craft?
  • What’s your motivation? Why do you do it?
  • From idea to finished product, take me through it.

Tools and Workflow

  • How do you organise yourself around creative projects?
  • How does Real Life fit in with creativity, like a day job or family life?
  • Do you create or release on a schedule?
  • What’s your setup (home, studio, mixed)?


  • Do you work as part of a creative team?
  • Do you outsource any of your visions to third parties?
  • Do you collaborate, and what’s it like for your creative mind to do that?

Creative Challenges

  • What happens when you don’t create?
  • The inner critic, how do you deal with it?

If you’re a full-time creator who (now) makes money with your own creations, I may also ask along these lines:

  • Describe the tipping point and what it was like when you went full time with your creative endeavours.
  • Has popularity changed how and what you create?

Find out more about the general format of the edited show here.