It’s early days yet, and as I produce these episodes I’ll be better able to show you something tangible. Until such time, words alone will have to be enough. Here’s my vision for Creative Minds.

The show starts with a title sequence, followed by a short montage that explains who you are and what you do. I’ll overvoice it and show a collection of things you’ve done. Anything from video, stills, gameplay footage and web clips will do. The more I can use, the better it’ll be.

We then cut to the interview, which can last between 30 minuets and an hour. It’ll be either an in-person meeting or a remote session using web cams. We end on a mention of your latest /current project(s), I thank the viewers and the credits roll.

Find out about what types of questions I may ask, or keep reading to find out about the technical aspects of the production process.

In-person Setup

Where possible, we can meet in person and take a walk around the neighbourhood (yours or mine, during the day). I’ll film both of us from the front, in a high-enough resolution that lets me intercut the wide shot and a zoomed-in medium shot. A second camera is following us and takes cutaway shots of us and the surrounding scenery.

In an ideal world I’d love to do all interviews like this.

Remote Setup

When travelling is not an option, we can record the interview remotely. We’ll connect through a video call using Skype, Discord or similar service.

At my end, I will record a shot of me, one of your incoming feed, and one showing my desk with you on the monitor in front of me. At your end, I ask that you record a second camera with a clean mic, showing a wide shot of you and your surroundings. Could be your desk, your work environment, or anything that shows you “in situ”. This gives me enough footage to intercut our interview and make it look interesting. After the interview, you send me the footage and I’ll take care of the editing.

Intro Montage

Before the interview, we’ll show the audience an edited short montage about who you are and what you do. I can use footage and stills I find on the web, but if you have anything in addition that you’d like me to feature, please send it to me.