Editing Workflow

Multi camera editing workflow is a challenge in any application. I’m familiar with several video editing packages, but the one I thought was best suited for the job of editing my interviews was Premiere Pro.

In this article I’ll explain some of the pre-production considerations and thoughts I went through on Creative Minds. It involves the software and the hardware I’m using, and the overall workflow for editing the episodes. Just like with web design, one thing determines another, and you have to trust that all things come together in the end – even if you don’t know the exact solution to a problem.

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Building the website

I’ve been working on Creative Minds little by little every day since the beginning of November. It’s admittedly a complex project. There are many parts to it, like the technical production process (how do we record the interviews, and how do we edit them), the organisational side (who can I speak to, when and how) and of course this website. All aspects interact with one another at all times, and each one requires some kind of start – however awkward it appears at any given time.

I don’t enjoy web design anymore, but I’m OK at throwing a website together, and Creative Minds needed one. I still have a good hosting infrastructure in place, so that’s easy for me to setup, but making it all look good enough for me to be happy with it, that’s another story.

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Work in Progress

Oh hi there! I’ve been working on this interview project for a while, and I thought it would be appropriate to give it its own home on the web. This is it right here, the Creative Minds website.

While I explore how my interview candidates bring their own creative projects to life, I wanted note down my own journey for Creative Minds, and the steps for turning this from a fleeting idea into rock solid reality. It felt appropriate. Putting a website together is one step, and before I get lost in the details of how to make invisible adjustments to the background colour and the header text, I’ll just leave it as is for now and make sure we actually have some content to show.

This site will host the interview episodes, has a Project Diary on my own process, and updates on future episodes. It looks a little bare right now, but give it time and the garden will grow. Enjoy your stay!