Creative Minds is a series of interviews with remarkably creative people. We explore the creative process, how ideas turn into reality, we look at the tools used to fulfil that vision, the challenges of creating and perhaps we’ll pick up some tips and inspiration along the way.

I’m Jay Versluis, and I run this project.

The idea of doing interviews has been with me for many years before I started this project. I like talking to people, and people like talking to me. They tell me things, and I like to listen and learn in the process. 

The first notion of wanting to turn this concept into a serious project came to me during my cancer journey. While I was writing a book about my experiences, I had the idea to speak with my doctors about the difficult case I presented, the obstacles we went through, and how I ultimately survived. It was a tough case, worthy of a full filmed and edited documentary. 

That was in 2018, and the rough idea for interviews has stayed with me ever since. I liked the way my doctors thought about my case. They applied their own creativity and “outside the box” thinking to find a cure, and I thought it was remarkable. It reminded me of how artists work within their limitations of a chosen medium.

After I was cured, and as I gradually settled into what I’d like to call the “second half of my life”, I kept thinking of so many other inspiring people that I’d love to sit down and have a chat with. Writers, video creators, game developers, and the common denominator appeared to be their creative thinking.

I wanted to find out more about how they did what they did, and how their creative visions come to life. The principles seemed related, be that applying a creative cure to a viciously clever disease, telling stories about retro technology, writing books about fictitious characters, building 3D worlds or making video games. 

I was interested in the creative process, what tools these people use, how they organise their ideas and how they turn them into reality. I was fascinated by the motivations behind their work and how they deal with challenges, how other creators don’t give up in times of crisis and how they might work together with other creators.  

By the end of 2019 I had assembled a nice group of creative collaborators on my private Discord Server. We had all met through my 3D tutorials and game streams on YouTube during the year, and all of us being creatives (often with a dayjob), we kind of “clicked”. I mentioned the idea in passing once, and was encouraged to take it seriously. Being painfully aware of how limited my remaining time on this planet is, I felt encouraged to embark on this journey of exploring Creative Minds. 

Aside from the finished episodes, I’ll also use this site to keep a Project Diary. It’ll keep me on track and give you an insight into how I deal with all of the above and how the whole production process works for me.

Enjoy and be inspired!